AP课程 & University Credits

Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves with college-level courses offered by our extensive AP Program with the College Board 和 by our dual enrollment programs with Syracuse University 和 Southern New Hampshire University.

Our H本ly Successful AP Program

C腹侧 天主教 H本 学校 boasts an extensive, strong, 和 h本ly successful Advanced Placement (AP) Program.

CCHS has been chosen by the College Board as one of the select s公立学校s in Massachusetts 和 New Hampshire to offer the AP Capstone Diploma.

  • 298 CCHS students participated in the AP Program, taking over 720 AP Exams in Spring 2022.  
  • 63% of seniors, 38% of juniors, 7% of sophomores 和 3% of freshmen sat for at least one AP Exam.
  • Nearly 70% of our students taking exams earned a score of 3 or better, far exceeding both state 和 global average
  • 109 C腹侧 天主教 students were named Advanced Placement Scholars by the College Board’s AP Program, including 11 students who were awarded the AP Capstone Diploma 和 5 others who earned Certificates in AP Seminar 和 Research.

C腹侧 天主教’s students significantly outpaced the national 和 state averages on AP exams 和 may receive credits by colleges upon review of their scores.

Please note: the awarding of college credits is solely at the discretion of the college or the university students choose to attend.

Dual Enrollment for College & H本 学校 Credit

C腹侧 天主教 partners with Syracuse UniversitySouthern New Hampshire University to offer dual enrollment courses to CCHS students, giving them the opportunity to receive both college credit 和 CCHS credit for a course taken at CCHS 和 taught by a CCHS faculty member.

Dual Enrollment Courses Offered

28 AP课程 Offered

校园提供 Offered in Virtual Environment
美联社生物学 AP艺术史
AP微积分AB AP European History
AP微积分BC AP Human Geography
AP化学 AP世界历史
AP Computer Science A  
AP Computer Science Principles  
AP Economics Micro & 宏  
AP English Language & 作文  
AP English Literature & 作文  
AP Environmental Science  
AP French Language & 文化  


AP Research (Capstone)  
AP Seminar (Capstone)  
AP Spanish Language & 文化  
AP Spanish Literature & 文化  
美国政府 & 政治