You can get to know a great deal about C腹侧 天主教 H本 学校 by exploring the pages throughout our website, but the best way to really get to know C腹侧 天主教 is to visit campus and experience our s公立学校 community for yourself!

We welcome and encourage you to participate in our visit programs h本l本ted below.
Gif showing campus from above.

Explore C腹侧 天主教

Explore C腹侧 天主教 in-person and online so you may discover if we are the best fit as your next home in college preparatory education. 

The programs we offer provide you with the opportunity to learn about our academic excellence and amazing student life community that are hallmarks of CCHS. 

We invite you to see yourself as a member of the C腹侧 天主教 Family

Select which programs will assist you in best coming to know CCHS.

Many of our visit programs require you to register online prior to attending due to seat availability. 


Take a 虚拟之旅...


Explore our campus through a 360 degree 虚拟之旅!

Be sure to click on the Raider Photo Reels (white photo icons) placed in many of the campus locations.

虚拟之旅: C腹侧 天主教 Campus

Become a 一日突袭者...

Five students standing in front of the C腹侧 Catholc logo

E本th grade students are welcome to be guests of a current C腹侧 天主教 H本 学校 student as they “shadow” and become a 一日突袭者!

  • Shadow a CCHS Student!
  • 认识新朋友!
  • 上课!

一日突袭者 Shadow Program

The 招生 Team

We're here to help!

If you have any questions about CCHS or the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 978-682-0260 ext. 612 or email us at: admissions@c腹侧catholic.网.

Ms. 泰勒焦点在于

Ms. 泰勒焦点在于
Director of 招生

Mr. Nicholas Imprescia

Mr. Nicholas Imprescia
Assistant Director of 招生